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Authorised Treatment Facility Monitoring

We currently consult with authorised treatment facility sites to ensure compliance with all permit specifications. We ensure through reporting, guidance and training that all staff meet all the needs of the sites legislative requirements. Every authorised treatment facility must comply with the legislation (SI 282 0f 2006) Waste Management (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2006.

Our company will simplify this legislative requirement to ensure all compliances are met with the cooperation of the client and the staff. Initially we would introduce a monitoring service for your site, following the initial sampling as set out in the permit specifications. We simplify these by the use of Surface and Groundwater Modelling. We would introduce training and a monitoring regime. We would provide a weekly and a monthly check list which is to be filled out by a suitably trained designated member of staff initially.

The full list of compiled monthly check lists will be submitted to the County Council along with the environmental report on a quarterly yearly basis. This alleviates the need for regular consultant’s site visits.

Each “average” result, should it arise, should be accompanied by corrective action statement within the designed document. A “poor” result will require further investigation by Environmental Service Consultancy.


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